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Factoring is an agreement whereby a company (the “Assignor”) assigns to a specialized firm (the so-called “Factor” or Factoring company) its present and/or future receivables borne out of their core commercial, financial or fiscal activities.

Thanks to factoring transactions, the Assignor companies have at their disposal a range of services related to the receivable’s assignment, such as credit management, the advance payments of the amounts in presence of credit standing and the possible guarantee of the insolvency risk of the debtors.

A single Factoring transaction can satisfy the diversified needs of corporate clients thanks to solutions which simplify the management of their receivables, secure from insolvency risks and optimize cash flows.

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Factoring, therefore, is not an alternative to bank financing but, instead, offers financial solutions which are complementary to the other sources of funding which are available to companies.

Factoring is a service characterized by an extremely high degree of customization so to accommodate the characteristics and different requirements sought by corporate clients.

UniCredit Factoring makes available to corporate clients a complete and structured range of services and products.