Prompt management of Public Administration receivables

Receivables from Public Entities

Transactions including Assignments of Receivables from Public Agencies are addressed to companies claiming receivables from debtors belonging to the Public Administration sector and desiring to out-source the management of their trade receivables, by reducing the payment deadlines, thus transforming their credit management costs from variable to fixed.

UniCredit Factoring acquires the receivables claimed by the assignor, manages them as regards administration and takes care of collection.

At the assignor’s request, UniCredit Factoring may advance the amount relating to the assigned receivables, generally to an extent equivalent to a maximum 80% of the relevant amount.

In this type of operation, the insolvency risk pertaining to the debtors may either remain with the assignor (With-Recourse transaction) or be charged to UniCredit Factoring (Non-Recourse transaction).