The solution for regularizing cash flows

This product addresses medium/large industrial and /or commercial companies desiring to regularize their cash flows and optimize the management of their treasuries.

With Maturity Assignment of Receivable transactions, UniCredit Factoring acquires the trade receivables claimed by the assignor from its debtors, manages them on an administrative level, takes care of collection and accredits to the assignor, at pre-established dates usually linked to the relevant maturities, the corresponding amount for the assigned receivables. At the assignor’s request, UniCredit Factoring may advance the consideration for the assigned receivables, generally to an extent equivalent to a maximum 80% of the relevant amount.

Whenever requested, UniCredit Factoring may also grant to the debtor an extension regarding payment terms, without the burden resting with the assignor.

In this type of operation, the insolvency risk pertaining to the debtors may either remain with the assignor (With-Recourse transaction) or be charged by UniCredit Factoring (Non-Recourse transaction).