Financial support to suppliers

Reverse Factoring is a solution addressed to large corporations (“Debtor”) with broad and split portfolios, desiring to streamline and rationalize the management of their liability cycle.

Reverse Factoring permits:

  • the suppliers of the “Debtors” to access credit-lines dedicated to privileged terms and conditions, thus benefitting also from the credit standing of the mentioned “Debtors”.
  • the “Debtor” to benefit from the creation of greater loyalty in their productive chains and from the improved quality and promptness of their commercial counterparts.

The “Debtors” will also be able to count on the uniformity and simplification of the administrative procedures linked to their suppliers’ accounting. With UniCredit Factoring they will have one, sole interlocutor for the transmission of information flows, acknowledgements of receivables and payments.

Upon request, UniCredit Factoring may, moreover, grant to the “Debtors” payment extensions of the transferred receivables, without the burden resting with the assignor.