Our partners

UniCredit Factoring is an active member of Assifact and of Factor Chain International (FCI).

Assifact, the Italian Factoring Association, is a non-political and non-profit agency set up in1988 to aggregate factoring operators and encourage stable and orderly development in the factoring market.

The Association aims at collaboration with respect to analyses and solution-finding regarding the problems concerning factoring. Through research, information and technical assistance addressed to its members, Assifact intends to promote a spirit of cohesion and coordination, and a concerted action of representation as to the interests of the sector in relation to the economic and financial system, the monetary, supervisory and public authorities.

Factor Chain International (FCI) is one of the most important, international factoring organizations. In operation since 1968, FCI nowadays has more than 400 members in around 90 countries all over the world.

Its mission is to facilitate and promote International Factoring through a Correspondent Factoring Platform which sustains cross-border factoring activities for import & export transactions.
FCE aims, moreover, at promoting and developing the best National and International factoring practices, with its related financial products and at defending the industry with respect to the parties concerned and the relevant worldwide regulations.